We have a range of different classes to suit everyone. Some target strengthening, other target flexibility, mobility, certain muscles or even simply a stretch your body never knew it needed.


The Health Lab’s Team

Our Health Lab Team is forever growing. We thrive to get the best instructors in the industry


Studio Manager

Teaches Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates and Barrecore

Faye trained as dancer from a young age. For the last 6 years she has been teaching for Barrecore in London and has returned to Manchester to manage our health lab as well as deliver pilates, barre and reformer classes to our ever-growing community. Expect cheesy tunes, belly laughs and of course that deep burn! She is also dog mum to our studio mascot Cookie the cavapoo.


Studio Supervisor

Teaches Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates

Hannah has always had a passion for the body and how movement can heal in so many ways. She started teaching Pilates in Australia in 2019 and since then have found herself back on home soil sharing everything she has learnt along the way. You can expect to flow like water in her classes and to leave feeling energised & more connected to your body.


Teaches Physio-Led Mat Pilates and will soon teach Reformer!

Kirsty is a Physiotherapist Pilates Instructor who specialises in the core and pelvic floor. Her classes improve strength, mobility, balance, flexibility and core stability, with a focus on muscle balance and the quality of the movement, ensuring you are activating all the right muscles. Through breathing control, her classes also help to reduce tension and stress, promoting wellbeing through movement.


Teaches Reformer Pilates

Jess has been running Pilates and Barre classes throughout Cheshire for the past 4 years. Her love of Pilates started at The Northern Ballet School, where she took class once a week to enhance our training. Upon graduating, this then continued and developed in my professional dance career. Her main aim is to create a fun and safe environment for clients to exercise and take part in Pilates. To feel and understand the principles, alongside being able to adapt and integrate into your lifestyle. Jess is passionate about pre + post-natal health and how Pilates can aid the female body during this time.


Teaches Reformer Pilates

Mya is Mat, Reformer Pilates and Barre trained. She is ready to teach and assist people in reaping the benefits of each Pilates/Barre class. Lover of all things dogs, chocolate, mountains and hanging upside down.


Teaches Reformer Pilates

Amelia is a physiotherapist and pilates instructor specialising in matwork and now reformer. She has always had a passion for fitness and wellness since a young age when her background was a professional footballer and hockey player. Upon graduating in Physiotherapy, Amelia now trains in athletics. Her reformer classes are suitable for all abilities and will cover essential and intermediate repertoire. Amelia is looking forward to providing a challenge in my classes to help clients reach their full potential.


Teaches Reformer Pilates

In Sophie’s classes, expect to get to know and love your body. Pilates not only improves physical health and fitness, but also promotes mental wellness, discipline and peace. Her classes combine strength, balance and mobility work to tone and shape whilst maintaining precision, control. Sophie uses music to set the pace, and welcomes any singing along to those popular tracks. Expect to stretch, breathe and move a little bit deeper and leave feeling stronger, taller and restored.

Our Classes

Our classes include Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Barre, Yoga, Strength and more. Each class is 45 minutes long, why not check out our timetable for more information.