Our Vision

The Green Lab was born in May 2019 by sisters Nikita and Kanika Banga.

Our vision has been to create a lifestyle destination store, along with a health and well-being studio. Designed to give people the ease and enjoyment of getting healthy food, as well as including daily fitness classes to fit around their busy lifestyle.


Nikita and Kanika are sisters from Manchester who have been working in the city centre their whole career life.

They noticed that Manchester was missing a health and well-being life concept store and thus, The Green Lab was born. The Green Lab soon became not only a project of passion for them both but, it was something they knew this great and vibrant city needed.

I have always worked in fashion which is very fast paced and find it difficult to find fresh, quick and healthy food in the city. We have designed The Green Lab to fit all these aspects as well as make it fun, efficient and sustainable. I am excited to build a healthier and more sustainable community in the heart of Manchester and see this grow.
In Manchester, I have always found it hard to find somewhere to eat lunch that was clean, tasty and most importantly fresh! Being fortunate enough to travel, you can really taste the difference from food in the city compared to elsewhere in the world. This is the reason we came up with The Green Lab - somewhere people with busy lifestyles can eat healthily, know exactly what they're consuming and fresh, leaving you with that feel good factor!

The Green Lab’s Story

We understand that most people have busy lives and struggle to fuel their bodies in the right way to optimise their health, and also stay as active as possible too.

Making your journey through our store as swift and transparent as possible, we have made sure that everything you fuel your body with comes with full nutritional information including, but not limited to, ingredients, calories, fats, carbohydrates and protein content. Which means you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

Unlike any other café or fitness studio in Manchester, we have designed our store with sustainability at the top of our list, making sure that we are not wasteful with any of our produce or your time.

A venture built with passion, from our hearts.


We launched The Green Lab in the Northern Quarter, in the heart of Manchester City Centre in 2021. This is a lifestyle destination store housing The Mixing Lab and The Health Lab. The Mixing Lab offers salads, wraps, juices, wellness shots, smoothie bowls and our house signatures that is available in-store only. The Health Lab offers a range of wellbeing classes and specialist workshops.